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Need to make some housing decisions and don't know where to start?

Begin by speaking with a Seniors Real Estate Specialist

Why? Because we're educated to create a customized approach to each situation: older homeowners
planning life after retirement, transitioning from retirement with a companion to life alone
or contemplating selling the family home.

We are the center of a network of specialists like estate planners, elder-care attorneys
and CPAs who can offer invaluable guidance to seniors deciding how best to manage
this stage in their life.

My network of professionals also includes:

• Assisted Living Consultants
• long-term care planners
• Companies that assist with downsizing, estate sales and auctioning, moving, sorting,
packing, and unpacking
• Financial consultants
• General contractors (if repairs need to be made, or if the home needs updating to
maximize the sale price)
• Title companies
• Licensed homes inspectors
• Mortgage companies (bridge loans or reverse mortgages can be options in the short

And if you’re looking for some consultation on any of the above, let me know. I offer
FREE in-home consultations.

An SRES® is not just a REALTOR®; an SRES® is a trusted adviser to older Americans.

Call 317-658-2985 NOW to discuss your unique situation.

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